Tulsa police informant leak to be probed by special prosecutor

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Tulsa Police Officer Jeff Henderson
Grand jury investigates police corruption: Read all of the stories, view a timeline and read key documents.

A special prosecutor overseeing a police corruption probe told the Tulsa World she will investigate how a list of confidential informants has been released via text messages and possibly the Internet.

A list of 15 people who are alleged to be informants used by Tulsa police in drug investigations is being passed around by text messages, causing concern and fear among those mentioned on the list, said individuals interviewed by the World.

U.S. Attorney Jane Duke said she is aware of the list and plans to investigate its release.

"Whoever is behind this disclosure is being completely irresponsible with sensitive information," Duke said. "At best, this disclosure will have a detrimental effect on legitimate law enforcement efforts to develop and work informants. At worst, it creates a dangerous and terrifying situation for those who have accepted the risk to work with Tulsa police officers to combat crime.

"We intend to investigate the source of this dissemination and, if appropriate, take action against those responsible for such reckless conduct," she said.

Duke is the special prosecutor overseeing a federal grand jury investigating police corruption in Tulsa. The Tulsa World was the first to report on the grand jury's probe in November.

Five current and former police officers were indicted Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Tulsa. Another former Tulsa police officer and a former federal agent have pleaded guilty in the probe.

Meanwhile, the mother of one of the people listed as an informant said she received the list through a text message Tuesday night.

The Tulsa World is withholding the woman's name so as not to identify her son as a possible informant. The World has also chosen not to print the names of the individuals on the informant list.

The woman said her son's name should not be on the list. "That list is going around to everyone," she said. "I just want everyone to know that my son was never an informant and he has no reason to be an informant."

The woman allowed the World to review the list, which is being circulated along with a 30-page report that contains sensitive intelligence information about police investigations in Tulsa.

The World has confirmed that the report was prepared by Officer Jeff Henderson, an undercover officer who was indicted Tuesday on 58 counts that allege civil rights violations, drug conspiracy, witness tampering, perjury and other crimes.

Henderson prepared the report for his defense team to help battle the indictments that were expected to be filed against him, said Chad A. Greer, Henderson's attorney.

Greer said a former member of Henderson's defense team took the report and began distributing it several weeks ago without permission. Greer said the person worked with Henderson's defense team until recently.

"This is not only unethical and unfair to Jeff and his defense, but it places numerous people in danger," Greer said. "If your name was on the list, you would probably be nervous."

While Henderson's report was taken several weeks ago, the list of drug informants began showing up on cell phones Tuesday evening, the mother said. The timing coincides with the date of the police indictments.

Greer said Henderson, who was in jail Tuesday, was not responsible for the list's release. He remained jailed Thursday and is awaiting a detention hearing in federal court on Friday.

The list contains the names of 15 individuals who are alleged to have provided information to Henderson and Officer Bill Yelton, who also was indicted Tuesday, about drug dealers and other criminals, according to a document obtained by the World.

A review of the names of confidential informants in the text message shows that all 15 people were named in the 30-page Henderson document.

Eric Cullen, a private investigator for Henderson, said the text message containing the informant list includes information and names that were taken from different parts of the full report.

He said Henderson has filed a bar complaint against the former member of his legal team.


Tulsa Police Officer Jeff Henderson
Hired June 5, 1995
Placed on paid leave in March
Current assignment: Special Investigations Division
Indicted Tuesday on 58 counts: 22 counts related to perjury, 20 related to civil rights violations, 12 related to drugs, two witness tampering counts, one firearms count and one attempted bribery count.

Tulsa Police Officer Bill Yelton

Hired April 16, 1985
Current assignment: Special Investigations Division
Placed on administrative duty June 18 and paid leave Wednesday
Indicted Tuesday on seven counts: four related to civil rights violations, two related to witness tampering and one related to perjury

Former Tulsa Police Officer Harold R. Wells
Hired Oct. 1, 1975
Retired in May
Assignment before retiring: Gilcrease Division
Indicted Tuesday on 10 counts: three related to civil rights violations, three related to drugs, two related to theft of U.S. funds, one firearms count and one count of using a telephone to commit a felony.

Tulsa Police Officer Nick DeBruin
Hired July 6, 1999
Assigned to Special Investigations Division, 2002-05, later assigned to patrol
Placed on paid leave Wednesday from uniform division
Indicted Tuesday on six counts: two counts related to theft of U.S. funds, two related to civil rights violations, one drug count and one firearm count

Tulsa Police Officer Bruce Bonham
Hired Aug. 13, 1990
Placed on paid leave Wednesday from uniform division
Indicted Tuesday on five counts: two counts related to theft of U.S. funds, one count related to civil rights violations, one drug count and one firearm count.

Former Tulsa Police Officer Callison Kaiser
Hired Oct. 8, 2004
Resigned August 2008 to work for U.S. Secret Service
Resigned from Secret Service in early June
Assignment before resigning from TPD: Gilcrease Division
Court records say he admitted stealing drug money during a bust

Former ATF Agent Brandon McFadden
Hired by U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on July 15, 2002
Resigned from ATF on Sept. 25, 2009
Pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy May 6 in federal court
Cooperating with prosecutors

Former Tulsa Police Officer John K. Gray
Hired March 1, 1990
Retired in May
Assignment before retiring: Mingo Valley Division
Pleaded guilty June 14 in federal court to stealing money during an FBI sting
Cooperating with prosecutors

Tulsa Police Officer Eric Hill
Hired July 5, 2005
Current assignment: Gilcrease Division
Placed on paid leave June 22
Court records say he admitted stealing drug money during a bust
Arrested Monday on unrelated complaint of domestic assault and battery

Grand jury investigation results

Eleven people have been released from prison or had felony charges or convictions dismissed as a result of a federal grand jury’s investigation of alleged law enforcement corruption in Tulsa.


Larita Annette Barnes: Convicted of a drug felony in 2008 and freed from federal prison July 2, 2009. Was serving two 10-year sentences.

Larry Wayne Barnes Sr.: Convicted of a drug felony in 2008 and freed from federal prison July 2, 2009. Was serving two five-year sentences.

Fred Allen Shields Jr.: Convicted of drug trafficking in March 2009. Conviction dismissed Feb. 19. Charged with first-degree murder in the death of Tulsa businessman Neal Sweeney.

Demarco Deon Williams: Convicted of drug charges in April 2008 and freed from federal prison April 30. Was serving two life sentences.

Jamon Armin Pointer: Convicted in october 2008 of drug trafficking. Conviction dismissed April 9. Was serving 10 years in prison.

Bobby Wayne Haley Sr.: Convicted in September 2005 of drug and conspiracy charges and sentenced to 22 years. Ordered released from federal prison May 21.


Richard Miller: Charged Sept. 10 with possession of a controlled drug. Case dismissed April 20.

Melanie L. Richardson: Charged Oct. 14 with possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute. Case dismissed April 9

Seanta G. Sinclair: Charged Oct. 14 with possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute. Case dismissed April 9

Rodney E. Titsworth: Charged Jan. 14 with possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute. Charge dropped April 20

Terry U. Perryman: Charged Jan. 14 with possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute. Charge dropped April 20.
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