Metro cops arrested on domestic violence charges keep their jobs
  Metro policy called too lenient
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Interim Chief Steve Anderson: "The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has policies and procedures in place to appropriately address any and all employee misconduct."
A domestic violence arrest won't necessarily end your career at the Metro Police Department. You're more likely to get a few days off.

At least 10 Metro Police officers have been arrested on domestic violence charges in the last five years. Eight of those were allowed to keep their jobs after their arrests, and the remaining two cases are pending. Discipline for improper conduct stemming from those arrests has ranged from a two- to an eight-day suspension. In one of the latest cases, Officer Jeffrey Sells resigned before he could be disciplined for a 2009 arrest.

But experts on police accountability say departments should have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to their own being arrested on domestic violence charges. And the fact that one officer was arrested twice on domestic violence charges suggests the department's disciplinary policies may not be adequate.

"Unless the case is completely dismissed for lack of credible evidence, I think an officer should be dismissed," said Samuel Walker, emeritus professor of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a nationally recognized scholar on police accountability. "This is a violent crime. It involves the kind of incident officers routinely have to deal with."

Metro police said domestic violence is inexcusable but defended its handling of officer arrests.

"The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has policies and procedures in place to appropriately address any and all employee misconduct," said Interim Chief Steve Anderson. "These policies are under continual review and refinement by our Policy Review Committee in order to ensure that the best possible police response and service is rendered to this community."

Sells' attorney, Brock Parks, said that the former officer maintains his innocence and that any zero-tolerance policy has a danger of violating officers' rights.

"The reality may be that the situation warranted discipline but not termination," Parks said. "When looking at an individual case, the determination may have been that the officer, while warranting sanctioning or discipline, was fit to continue in the job."

Mayor Karl Dean: "If a Metro police officer is found guilty of domestic violence, that person no longer holds a job with the Metro Police Department."
[ Administrator's note: Any police officer no matter their capacity should lose their job and NEVER be allowed into law enforcement again if found guilty of any kind of domestic violence charge. If they will attack those they love they will do worse to those you and I love. They should also be forever banned from any kind of firearms possession.

These people should also be bared from any access to any kind of data systems that might contain sensitive data such as that pertaining to battered persons. If that means they are precluded from certain jobs then so be it.]
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