Pineland police officer arrested for DWI in Jasper
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JASPER - by Lawren Bacon/KJAS - A Pineland Police Officer was arrested here in Jasper on Wednesday morning after attempting to eat from the continental breakfast at the Econo Lodge Motel on West Gibson Street without authorization.

At approximately 4:30 a.m. officers from the Jasper Police Department were dispatched to the motel in reference to a intoxicated man. After the call was made, the complainant informed officers that the individual had identified himself as a Pineland Police officer and had fled the scene.

The responding officers said they observed the vehicle departing the motel at a high rate of speed and also failing to maintain a single lane. Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver identified himself as Thomas Benjamin Wright, who is in fact a Pineland police officer.

After failing a series of field sobriety tests, Wright was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and transported to the Jasper County Jail where he was at last word still being held.
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