Supervisors fire police officer
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  Warminster supervisors fired a police officer "with regret" Thursday night.

Officer Zak Jackson, who had been on the force for more than decade and had been promoted to corporal in 2006, was terminated at the recommendation of Chief S. Michael Murphy.

Township Manager Robert Tate read Murphy's recommendation to the board. No reason was given for Jackson's dismissal, although Tate had said earlier that there was no criminal investigation related to the firing.

Murphy was not at the meeting. Lt. James Donnelly said he couldn't comment on the matter.

In voting to fire Jackson, Supervisor Tom E. Panzer said he was doing so "with regret." Board Chairwoman Ellen S. Jarvis echoed Panzer's sentiment.

Jackson was the officer who captured Donald A. Traub, the gunman who shot and killed a Warminster woman in the parking lot of the Giant as she loaded groceries into her vehicle on Aug. 31, 1999. Traub, whose shooting spree terrorized area residents for over a year, was sought in two other slayings. Jackson stopped a vehicle driven by Traub on York Road as the killer fled the shooting scene.

He received a commendation from the township for his work.

None of the supervisors wanted to discuss the matter after the meeting. Prior to taking a vote on Jackson's dismissal, the board went into executive session at Panzer's request.

When they returned, solicitor Michael Savona told the board that Jackson's dismissal comes not only on the recommendation of the police chief but also of David Truelove, the township's attorney for labor and personnel matters.

[ Administrator's note: This cloak and dagger stuff is always very suspicious. Something very bad happened and they are hiding it.]
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