Former police officers arrested for S. Utah pharmacy robberies
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Maxwell Houghton and Paulette Stoker
St. GEORGE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police say two former police officers have been arrested in connection with a string of pharmacy robberies that happened in the St. George area over the summer.

According to police, Maxwell Houghton and Paulette Stoker were arrested for a robbery at the Lin’s Pharmacy in Overton, Nevada.

Both were being held in a Clark County Detention Facility.

Police say Houghton has been charged with four counts of robbery related to St. George robberies, while there was insufficient evidence to charge Stoker, she has been named a person of interest.

Investigators say Houghton and Stoker are ex-officers of the St. George Police Department. Maxwell Houghton was terminated while on probation in 2007 and Stoker resigned in 2007.

Houghton was also arrested by Utah Highway Patrol troopers for impersonating an officer in 2009.

Police say Houghton is responsible for four St. George Pharmacy robberies on July 22, July 28, August 15, and August 19.

The robberies took place at a K-Mart, an IHC Instacare, Professional Park Pharmacy, and a Smith's Pharmacy.

During their investigation, a $1,000 reward was offered for information that might lead to an arrest in the case.

Police say Houghton used a gun, getting away with prescription medication in each robbery. They say he used a mask, a helmet, goggles and rubber gloves as disguises during the robberies.

Police asked anyone with any unreported information about the robberies to contact Detective Adam Olmstead with the St. George Police Department at 627-4319.
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