Former Fairport cop accused of attempted fraud
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Fairport, N.Y. — Former Fairport cop Phil Provenzano has been accused of fabricating evidence in a personal small claims case, which has forced him to step down from testifying in court in other cases.

Provenzano was going to testify as a witness in at least 15 DWI cases this summer but was dismissed after he wound up in court to fight over $350 and a garage door on his new house.

The judge's decision accused Provenzano of "attempted fraud" "by introducing manufactured evidence."

Attorney Ed Fiandach said, “I was mortified that we would go forward and give false testimony in a case like that particularly from a person who gives testimony frequently in cases and who the public relies upon to give truthful testimony.”

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said, “Obviously it was a very difficult decision. There were a lot of DWI arrests that we had to dismiss.”

News partner Channel 10 has learned that more than a dozen criminal cases have been affected because of Provenzano's actions.

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